Biomet Cementing University

Aims & Objectives

The Cementing University® is emerging as a reliable institution for cultivating world leading knowledge on bone cement and Modern Cementing Technique.


The Cementing University is a forum for training and education. It aims to spread knowledge of Modern Cementing Technique and to emphasise the importance of bone cements and cementing techniques.

We use the www.bonecement.com website for training and education on bone cements and cementing techniques. The interactive assistance combines education, information and training. It provides a complete E-learning experience that improves the practitioner’s skills in Modern Cementing Technique, ensuring that he/she has a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles and steps thereof.

The aim is to increase understanding of the following elements of Modern Cementing Technique:

Bone cement

  • Mixing & delivery
  • Bone bed preparation
  • Pressurisation
  • Revision
  • Safe working environment


The goal is to increase knowledge of bone cements and cementing techniques.

The practitioner should be able to execute the following:

  • Explain the principles of cementing techniques, including bone cement properties and cement pressurisation.
  • Describe the procedure of mixing the bone cement and preparing the bone bed.
  • Identify the risks of working with bone cements and the measures for maintaining a safe working environment.